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In January of 2007 I gave up a 50 year cigarette habit. I had quit smoking several times and always gained about 10 lbs a month. After a few months and 30 lbs I would start smoking again. The weight would go away like magic. I decided to try again. I started on the Cinch Weight Loss plan at the same time I stopped smoking. I haven’t smoked in 15 months! I haven’t put on any weight and feel better than I have in 15 years. I’m now on the Vitalizer Wellness Package, working out with a fitness trainer, and going great with my new business. Not bad for a lady who had ignored her health for 65 years!

Karen A Hitt, President
My Ace of Hearts Inc

I recently purchased the Get Clean Kit and I must say I am quite impressed with everything that is included! There is a product for every area of your home as well as a neat caddy to hold it all! What amazed me the most was the laundry boost... here's a product that can be used for your clothes and gets stains out of carpets! Something this mom needs for her 3 year old! Speaking of 3 year old, these products are safe, and have no strong smells! I highly recommend the Get Clean product for any family!

Sarah C
Big Shark Marketing

My personal health goals are to age with style and grace as I approach my 70th birthday. To me that means having the endurance to run the beach, close the dance floor and look fantastic in stylish clothes. For 39 years Shaklee Products have helped me meet my goals.

Suzanne F. President
My Endless Summer

I was introduced to the Shaklee Cinch inch loss plan as a way to lose weight and learn to eat healthier without losing muscle. After having a heart attack, preserving muscle was very important to me. Cinch is a cinch to use. I travel often and it is easy for me to stay on my program wherever I am. My Cinch products are individually packaged and as I get on the plane I have enough products to last a week in my carry-on bag. Over the last 15 months I have lost and kept off 54 pounds. I walk twice a day, work out with weights and I look and feel healthier than I have in years.

The Ace in My Ace of Hearts
William M Hitt


My son had developed unexplained allergies and I had tried changing different things that I thought could be the trigger. Unfortunately what I tried proved to be unsuccesful. Then I heard about the Get Clean line of products from Shaklee and decided to try it. Now after using it I have discovered that I absolutely love it. My sons allergies are not as bad anymore, my house smells clean and I have the assurance that is safe for my family and the environment.

Marie Taylor
Your PartyLite Consultant















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